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I have been a massage therapist since 1988. My practice has evolved to the point where I now only take clients who have tables in their house. This has worked out the best for me because now I don't have to find parking, schlep a table etc. etc... 

You can purchase your own table easily and within your budget. Ask me and I will  gladly provide referrals.      
Massage        Swedish, Deep Tissue and Reflexology         $85.00    per hour                                                                             $125.00   one and a half hours        

Raindrop Technique (with Young Living Essential Oils)      Application of 10 oils on spine, heat  and massage                                        $150.00   takes about one and a half hours.               

Emotional/Spiritual Balancing        I use 8 to 12 different therapeutic grade essential oils placed on the energy centers of your body. Tailored to meet your needs for understanding and transformation during shifts in your life circumstances.          
$75.00  approximately one hour $115.00  for a relaxed one and a half hour.        

Hot Stone Massage I use many stones with different sizes. 
 $90.00  per hour        $130.00 one and a half hours.         

Sound, Crystals and Flower Essences         Every session is unique and different  $150.00 per session includes remedies.

For the flower remedies, there is an extensive questionaire.

Your Choices

Relaxation   Healing   

Swedish    Deep Tissue    Reflexology     Traditional massage that helps manage stress, cleanses lymph, relieves muscle aches, helps the organs by re-establishing reflex links and brings the body into deep relaxation.

Aroma Therapy  Raindrop Technique      Application along the spinal column of 10 organic essential oils, combining heat, massage and Vita Flex Techniques. Useful in boosting the immune system and introducing anti viral, anti microbial oils into all the systems of the body. This concept of layering oils on the spine has come down to us through Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils and he learned the basic technique from a Traditional Lakota Sioux medicine man. 

Emotional and Spiritual Balancing With Young Living Essential Oils      Application of between 8 through 12 Essential Oils on the energy centers of the body, with guided meditations.  Young Living Oils and other essential oils from sources that are organic, wild crafted and reputable in the community of essential oils. All essential oils that I work with are therapeutic grade and their healing chemical constituents can be tracked with  gas chromatography charts that are done with each batch of new oil.  

Hot Stone Massage The newest ancient addition to your complete massage experience. Heated stones placed on the body warms tight muscles increasing circulation, stimulates lymph drainage and brings deep relaxation.