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Young Living Essential Oils…  

Yours from Sarah James…                               

SARAH'S AROMA JAZZ RECIPE BOOK:     5 EZ WAYS TO GET HEALTHIER WITH ESSENTIAL OILS I have written a book! Available as a download on Amazon.... It's a Kindle BookHere's the link: Here is my recipe for my Lymph Friendly Deodorant Spray. It's always been a mystery to me why people would put toxic chemicals on their lymph nodes every day.Have you ever read the ingredients on your deodorant? ALUMINUM? eeee GADZ.... Doesn’t make much sense when you consider the amount of cancer and other immune related diseases folks are dealing with these days. So here is something you can do everyday to limit toxic chemicals going into your body and actually support your immune functions. Enjoy! ​PURCHASE: ​WITCH HAZEL  Any kind will do, the best (from some sources, my mother being one of them) is Dickensons. Only buy the UNSCENTED VERSION. Repeat…. Only buy the UNSCENTED VERSION. You will be putting the oils in the witch hazel and we don’t want any conflict of scent or unnatural ingredients interfering with the oils or irritating your skin. Cost:$.99 to $2.99 for 8 to 16 oz (maybe more depending on where you shop) VEGETABLE GLYCERIN  You can get this in any health food store or drugstore. Best to get it a health food stores because otherwise it is likely made with petro chemicals. If you buy it at a CVS or something you might end up with a poor quality grade that has been processed with petro’s. It should say 100% pure and should be made with mostly coconut oil.  Cost: $6.99 to $9.99 for 16 oz. ESSENTIAL OILS  I have found it best to use at least 4 or 5 different Young Living Oils (and up to 10 if you want to be extravagant) for a bottle of this deodorant. The combined action of the oils works synergistically to make a more complete base that will cut down on on odor causing bacteria. You can use your favorite oils that are antibacterial, the ones I have chosen work well because they are reasonable, work great together and have a wonderful, fresh, fragrant scent. NATURAL CRYSTAL SALT STONE  These salt stones are 100% natural, safe, fragrance free, non staining, hypo allergenic and no animal testing. They come from many parts of the world, you can get them at Whole Foods, your corner health food store and I’ve even seen them in some supermarkets. Just google NATURAL CRSTAL SALT STONES  and see what comes up. I have two sizes, the smaller one for traveling.                           USE THESE COMBINATIONS OR CREATE YOUR OWN! Lavender, Geranium, Lemon, Tea Tree, CloveLavender, Geranium, Frankincense (pricey), Tea TreeLavender, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Tea TreeLavender, Patchouli, Purification, Lemon, Tea Tree Lavender, Lemon, Spruce, Cedar, Tea TreeIt is best to use either 1 oz, 4 oz or 8oz bottles. I prefer glass to plastic. We don’t really know how much of the plastic particles leak into the contents of the bottles we are preparing. If you are traveling and afraid of breakage, go ahead and use the plastic.You can purchase glass bottles online at any supply site. Just google bottles and you will see a whole range of choices. Best to use the blue, green or brown glass bottles and keep the deodorant out of the sun. Or, try your nearest pharmacy and if you are in the NY area, Ricky’s is a convenient place to try. You will need a sprayer as well for the bottle. Usually they are in the bottle, but sometimes you buy them separately. A good sprayer is one with a wide mist, not a pointed stream, check if you can before you buy. (Go ahead, be a pain in the butt!, those stream sprays don’t cut it). If you are close to a massage supply store, they usually have bottles of all kinds there for the therapists. DIRECTIONS…………………. As a general rule: ​For 1oz bottles: fill with witch hazel leaving a 1 inch space at topput a ½ teas. glycerin in nextadd you oils…. In a 1 oz bottle, no more than 5 drops each of the lavender, gerium, lemon etc. If you use Tea Tree, no more the 2 drops. If you use Clove, no more than 1 drop. You can leave out the clove if you hand is unsteady, you’re afraid you’ll get more than one drop in or you just don’t want to use it. You have to experiment with what works you’re your body. Lavender is very safe to use in larger quantities.For 4 oz bottles:fill with witch hazel leaving a 1 inch space at topuse ¾ teas. of glycerin and no more than 8 drops of the lavender, geranium, lemon. No more than 3 drops of Tea Tree, no more than 2 drops of clove. You can use less if you like, or only the 2 or 3 oils that you have. But, the more oils you combine, it will work synergistically  better. For the 8 oz bottles:fill with witch hazel leaving a 1 inch space at the topuse 6/8 of a teas of glycerin and no more than 8 to 12 drops of each of your main antibacterial oils (lavender, geranium, lemon) and no more than 3 drops of the Tea Tree, no more than 2 drops of the clove.Before each use be sure to shake the bottle well. Spray 5 to 7 sprays under each armpit, then use your salt crystal with about 4 back and forth strokes under each armpit. The salt crystal is an important element in this deodorant. The salt seals the spray, dries the armpit a bit and adds to the anti-microbial action of the oils. The glycerin is there to as a humectant to keep the oils on the skin and also acts as a demulsifier to disperse the oils evenly in the witch hazel.You can use other antimicrobial oils of your choice in these recipes, but check to see if they are too strong or too weak. If you feel any itching, or burning, your batch is too strong. Just dilute it with more witch hazel (an ounce or two), write down your how many drops you used and next time, alter to your taste. Lavender is a very safe oil and can be used pretty freely. Lemon, geranium, lemongrass and grapefruit are to be used a little less than the lavender and of course, tea tree much less and clove, which is very strong (but works great) a lot less.                   You can purchase these Young Living Essential Oils from Young Living directly.      Call 1.800.371.3515    I would be you sponsor and referral. Reach me at: or   201.723.4762    My member # is 315956                               There is a great pocket size book called the    “ESSENTIAL OILS POCKET REFERENCE”                        And you can purchase it from Essential Science Publishing     1.800.336.6308              It has a plethora of information and is a great resource for the therapeutic use of essential oils. Well worth your investment of under $20.00                                                             ​CAUTIONS: Never use more than 2 drops of clove in any bottle you create!Never use more than 3 drops of tea tree in any bottle you create!Never use more than 9 drops lemongrass or purification in any bottle you create!Never use any oils but Young Living oils with my recipes. Young Living oils are regularly monitored for potency and therapeutic grade and as such, are the only oils to be put regularly on the skin, delicate lymph tissues and/or taken internally. Young Living oils are more expensive than other oils because they are undiluted, potent, pure and therapeutic grade.I cannot be responsible for any problems associated with my recipes if you do not use Young Living oils. Always use your good judgement when making your deodorant. If your skin is very sensitive, delicate or you have any sensitivity, make your spray with less oils. It’s best if you are using any commercial deodorant products, to discontinue their use for a few days while you are switching over to this method. Irritation may result if their is chemical residue on your skin.      If you find really good essential oils other that Young Living (they are out there, I just stick with Young Living) you could use these recipes, but just make sure, absolutely positively sure, they are therapeutic grade. Check with the company for a GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY TEST RESULT in the batch you are considering buying. For further info, questions, to book a consult, presentation or inquiries about classes please contact me:               or call: 201.723.4762   Thank You and Have Fun Creating Your Custom Made “Happy Lymph Spray!” Sarah